The main use and function

The equipment is a powerless vehicle designed to unroll new wiring in the electrified railways system and or used for its maintenance and replacement setting work purpose.

Technical Data

1.Vehicle Gauge Comply with railway standards
2.Gauge 1,067/1,435mm
3.Body Dimensions (L × W × H) 13,230×2,840×3,550mm
4.Number of axles 4 axes (two two-axis turning)
5.Flat Car weight 35t
6.Weight ≦ 20t
7.The vehicle weight (load + tare) connection between the two coupling surfaces of each meter <5 t
8.The maximum axle load per axle <10 t
9.Wheel diameter 760mm above
10.Shoe Synthetic brake shoe
11.Coupler 13A type lower-action (can withstand 200 tons of vertical impact)
12.Coupler centerline distance rail surface height 890 + 0 mm / -10 mm (or with the cable car height)
13.The maximum towed speed 70km/h
14.The maximum gradient 20‰
15.Adoption of the minimum curve radius 100m
16.Brake Air brake and parking brake hand
17.Brake machine F8 automatic brake machine device
18.The automatic brake shoe clearance adjuster ST2-250 double-acting
19.The wheel frame Group 2.
Length 2470 x width 1200mm, can support two meters in diameter and weighs 3.5 tons of wire wheels.Turn freely, and can be fixed to two directions.Brake control device can be configured manually rotating the reel frame.Set SUS304 stainless steel wire devices.
20.The level of turntable Group 1, a diameter of about 1.2 meters, 3.5 tons heavy load. Free to rotate.
21.The platform around Set SUS304 stainless steel railings
22.The lowest part of the body to the minimum distance from the surface of the rail ≧ 110 mm
23.Lighting Platform 6 waterproof work light lamp holder can rotate it.
24.Taillights and lighting power Links to other towing vehicle supply
25.Taillight hanging seat Frame at the front and rear ends of the left and right tail light hanging seat installation