The main use and function

This vehicle is designed to be used for the shunting operation in Railway Station, Yard, Factories and Mining sites, Grain and Oil Depots, Ports and Trailer Transport as well.

Main features

1. The operator may switch the road / rail without leaving the cab. Changing lanes without switches, turning round without rotary table or triangle line.
2. Less purchase and maintenance costs; no dedicated garage needed or access railroad to it.
3. Small size, light weight and great traction. High shunting operation efficiency and low energy consumption. Maximum traction of 600 metric tons on the straight track, 370 metric tons on 0.3% slope rail. Rubber pneumatic tires as driving wheels, which enhance the adhesion coefficient approximate two times more than steel wheels.
4. The full hydraulic steering, flexible and reliable manipulation. Good driving performance, fixed steering wheel can be hydraulically locked during railway operation.
5. Hydraulic electric controlled steel wheel keeps guide wheel against the rail under the positive pressure no less than a given value.
6. Hydraulic mechanical transmission, good starting and accelerating performance,external loading adaptability, and good traction performance.
7. Using the railway,highway two brake systems to ensure that under a variety of operating conditions, brake runs safe and reliable.
8. The vehicle control, the display panel of the font is in Traditional Chinese (or English).



◆Diesel Engine: Caterpillar C4.4

◆◆Type: Water-cooled, inline four-cylinder, four-stroke, turbocharged

◆◆Rated power / speed: 106kW / 2200r / min

◆◆Startup mode: DC24V electric start

◆Hydraulic transmission: Caterpillar

◆Gauge Track gauge: 1067 / 1435mm

◆Transmission Type: Hydraulic mechanical transmission

◆Vehicle Weight: About 12t

◆Dimensions (not including side mirror): about (6920 × 2370 × 3075) mm

◆Wheel base:

◆◆ Wheels: 2600mm

◆◆ Guide wheel: 4600mm


◆◆Wheels: 1135mm

◆◆Guide wheel (from the inside) : (990 ± 2) mm

◆Automatic vehicle connector overall: 2 # locomotive automatic connector head

◆Auto connector height: (890 + 0 / -10) mm

◆Single maximum speed: 30km / h

◆Minimum curve through radius: 60m

◆Rail /road conversion operation time: ≦ 4min

◆Rated metric tons in straight line traction bit: 600t

◆0.3% slope metric tons maximum traction position: 370 t

◆Single stopping distance:

◆◆Railway straight line (V ≦ 7km / h): ≦ 5m

◆◆Road without slope (V ≦ 20km / h): ≦ 2.5m